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CCTV biometric services are becoming an increasingly popular smart security solution for businesses and individuals alike, offering comprehensive security and surveillance capabilities. These services integrate video monitoring with biometric technologies, such as facial recognition or fingerprint scanning, to provide a more reliable and efficient access control system. With CCTV biometric services, businesses can improve their security integration and enhance their overall safety measures. Whether it’s for preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas, detecting suspicious behavior, or tracking employee attendance, CCTV biometric services provide a reliable and effective solution to meet any security needs.

Public surveillance camera systems can be a cost-effective way to deter, document, and reduce crime. Technological advances will continue to enhance our ability to monitor public spaces. By extension, technology will continue to aid efforts to prevent crime and apprehend criminals.

At Parth Technologies, we put safety first with our wide range of CCTV & Security products. From surveillance cameras to home security systems, we’ve got the best solutions to ensure the safety of all the things you value most – whether at home, or for your business.

We provide the best security solutions to your safety. Our team would come and install the cameras if required that too at very nominal prices also taking care of the setup of IP and other needful requirements.

With many of our CCTV products, you can actually connect your CCTV system to your apple or android phone, and receive alerts or view a live feed no matter where you are. It’s a relief to know that with our systems, you can ensure the safety of your home or business, even on the other side of the world. You can also link them with a smart TV, meaning you can comfortably monitor what’s going on at the press of a button. Having this degree of connectivity also allows additional options for backup, such as recording directly onto your device.

Security Surveillance

A closed-circuit television camera can produce images or recordings for surveillance or other private purposes.

We present several solutions to security surveillance and their applications while utilizing parallel processing of video streams for improved performance.

Surveillance cameras are video cameras used for the purpose of observing an area. They are often connected to a recording device or IP network, and may be watched by a security guard or law enforcement officer.

Different Types of Cameras – Dome CCTV Cameras, Bullet CCTV Cameras, C-Mount CCTV Cameras, PTZ Pan Tilt & Zoom Cameras, Day/Night CCTV Cameras, Infrared/night vision CCTV Cameras, Network/IP CCTV Cameras, Wireless CCTV Cameras.

ITMS – Intelligent Traffic Management System & Intelligent Transit Management System


Complete Security For Your Home & business





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Complete Security For Your Home & business

CCTV surveillance systems have been around for many years and have become increasingly popular as a security measure for both homes and businesses. Biometric solutions are a newer technology that is quickly gaining popularity due to its added layer of security.  At CCTV and Biometric Solutions, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet the needs of our customers. We offer both traditional CCTV surveillance systems as well as biometric solutions. Our team of experts can help you choose the right system for your needs and budget.

We offer free consultations to all of our potential clients so that we can better understand your needs and requirements. We believe that this is the best way to ensure that you receive the most effective security solution possible. If you are looking for a reliable and affordable security solution, then look no further than CCTV and Biometric Solutions. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

FAQs For CCTV security surveillance and biometric services

What is CCTV security surveillance?

CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television, which is a system that allows video monitoring of a specific location or area. CCTV security surveillance involves the installation of cameras to capture footage of the premises for the purpose of security monitoring and prevention of criminal activities.

What are the benefits of installing CCTV security surveillance?

CCTV security surveillance provides numerous benefits, such as deterrence of crime, reduction of theft and vandalism, enhanced employee productivity and safety, and effective monitoring of high-risk areas. It also provides valuable evidence in the event of an incident.

What are the benefits of using biometric security?

Biometric security provides enhanced security measures by eliminating the possibility of unauthorized access through stolen passwords or access cards. It is more secure, efficient, and cost-effective than traditional security methods.

What services does Parth Solutions Pvt Ltd offer in CCTV security surveillance and biometric security?

Parth Solutions Pvt Ltd offers a range of services in CCTV security surveillance and biometric security, including system design, installation, and maintenance, as well as integration with other security systems such as access control and alarm systems.

What is the cost of installing CCTV and biometric security systems?

The cost of installing CCTV and biometric security systems varies depending on the specific needs and requirements of the customer. Parth Solutions Pvt Ltd provides customized solutions and cost estimates based on the specific needs of the client.

How can I contact Parth Solutions?

You can contact Parth Solutions through their website or by email or phone. Their website is and their email is